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Life and Health

Life and Health

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Life insurance is designed to pay out a financial "benefit" to your loved ones (beneficiaries) in the event of your death.  Life Insurance in its most basic form is very simple - you pay a premium to the insurance company to protect against the risk of loss.  If the insured dies while the policy is i force, the death benefit is paid out to the beneficiary on an income-tax free basis.  Life insuranceis a good idea for anyone who has debt of any kind or loved ones that depend on their income to maintain their current standard of living.

What would you leave to your family in the event of your passing?  even if you are single, life insurance could be a good idea.  With life insurance, you can provide secure financial future for those you love and leave no bills unpaid.

You could even be in a position where you would want to purchase life insurance coverage for someone else.  Perhaps you have children you want to have a college eductaion paid for...or maybe you just don't want to leave a bill for your burial.  Either way, life insurance makes sense.

Life insurance also cost more as we get older, so it is a good idea to start a coverage while you are young and healthy to keep the cost down.

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