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Life and Health

Life and Health

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Life insurance is designed to pay out a financial "benefit" to your loved ones (beneficiaries) in the event of your death.  Life Insurance in its most basic form is very simple - you pay a premium to the insurance company to protect against the risk of loss.  If the insured dies while the policy is i force, the death benefit is paid out to the beneficiary on an income-tax free basis.  Life insuranceis a good idea for anyone who has debt of any kind or loved ones that depend on their income to maintain their current standard of living.

What would you leave to your family in the event of your passing?  even if you are single, life insurance could be a good idea.  With life insurance, you can provide secure financial future for those you love and leave no bills unpaid.

You could even be in a position where you would want to purchase life insurance coverage for someone else.  Perhaps you have children you want to have a college eductaion paid for...or maybe you just don't want to leave a bill for your burial.  Either way, life insurance makes sense.

Life insurance also cost more as we get older, so it is a good idea to start a coverage while you are young and healthy to keep the cost down.

Flood Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies don't cover flood damage. So, you may need a separate flood insurance policy to protect against losses from flooding.

The Preferred Risk Policy is designed for homewoners in low to moderate flood hazard areas who ackowledge the need for flood coverage, and want to help protect their home and contents in the event of a flood. In order to qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy, you must meet certain conditions including:

You own a one- to four-family dwelling;
You're located in a low to moderate flood hazard area; and
There has been no more than one paid flood claim over $1,000 since the date of construction.

5 Reasons Flood Protection can't wait:

1. Every home is at risk, with floods and flash floods recorded in all 50 states regardless of terrain or climate.

2. Almost 25 percent of all flood insurance claims come from areas designated as "minimal flood risk."

3. Flood damage is not covered under most homewoners insurance policies.

4. Federal disaster assistance often comes in the form of a loan with interest, and it's only available if the President formally declares a disaster.

5. Even after flood insurance is purchsed, there may be a 30-day waiting period before coverage begins.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance


Whether you're a handyman juggling odd jobs or a large idurstrial builder, a new landscaping venture or an established construction company, your vehicles can be integral part of your operation.  Keep them running strong with commercial insurance that works as hard as you do - delivering full coverage you need and the round the clock service you deserve.  Running a business requires a lot of risk. We can help you with Workers Compensation, Commercial Umbrella Liability, Commercial Vehicles, General Liability Insurance and more.  A Business Owner's Policy is a good place to start when looking for small business insurance.  Alson known as BOP, The Business Owner's Policy will cover property and general liability insurance at a minimum.  If your small business uses any type of auto you will likely need commercai vehicle insurance.  Find a wide array of commercial vehicle markets including commercial vans, cars and many forms of trucks.

Boat, Motorcycle and RV Insurance

rv-insurance2One of the great things about living in Florida is the year round beautiful weather. The entire year allows us to have entertainment and activities. We have plenty of water for our boats and personal watercrafts, beautiful state parks and great weekend getaway destinations for RV'ing, and long straight open roads next to the ocean for that Sunday drive on your motorcycle. You want to make sure that you have the same level of quality insurance as you have on your personal automobile.motorcycle-insurance

Business Liability Insurance

Owning a business is hard work.  Protecting it should be easy.  Property and liability protection are packaged together, while customized coverages can be added as needed.  Even a minor accident, like a broken window, could cause serious injury and lead to significant loss.  Businessowner's protection protects people, the property and whatever else make take to keep a small business in business.

Renters Insurance

Renters insruance can provide coverage for items and incidents inside and the outside of an apartment or rental house. Renters are usually aware that belongings stolen from their homes could be coverd by renters insurance, but fewer may be aware that the items stolen from their vehicles could be covered as well.  A renter wholse child floods an apartment bathroom by leaving water running in the bathtub would likely end up paying out of pocket for the damage caused by the incident without renters insurance.  That's because landlords' insurance policies usually cover damage to their buildings if the damage isn't caused by a tenant.

Condo / Townhome Insurance

Insuring your condo as well as your personal possessions is critical.

condo-insurance-photo2If you are the owner of a condominium unit, it is vitally necessary that you have condominium insurance for your protection. You may think that your condominium association has you covered...they don't! It's up to you to protect your property and belongings. 

Did you know that Florida law specifically limits the insurance obligations and requirements of Condominium Associations? While the Condo Association covers the outside of your home, you are responsible for insuring all property inside you unit. This includes:
Floor, Wall, Ceiling and Window Coverings, Appliances and Fixtures, Airconditioning and Heating Equipment, Cabinets and Countertops, Water Heaters and all of your personal property including furniture, clothing electronics and other personal belongings.

You are responsible for covering all of this! We believe that "it could never happen to me." Unfortunately people are caught unaware and under-insured when disaster strikes. You could lose thousands of dollars if your unit is damaged or destroyed by fire, hurricane or ther catastrphes. Kepp in mind also that without insurance, you may have no way to even relocate or start over.

Home Owners Insurance

No place in the world is as precious as your home.

home-ownersIf you're a first time home buyer or a conscious customer looking for the best protection at a lower price Warner Insurance Group can take all the leg work out of your search and give you quote from the many companies that we represent. Owning property represents a significant invenstment both in terms of financial commitment and emotional attachment. It seems inconceivable to rebuild a home from ruin. But should that moment ever come, having solid, sufficient protection and the right coverage will make all the difference.  We also have an incredible amount of knowledge of insurance, please ask us.

Home owners insurance protection is an important aspect of homeownership. Buying homeowners insurance, or home insurance, means buying protection for your home — both inside and out.

A variety of discounts and payment plans keep insurance cost under control - There are discounts for newer homes and homes equipped with hurricane shutters, and/or fire and burglar alams.  You have a choice of payment plans and deductibles that can help you reduce premium even further. 

Auto Insurance

Fast. Fair. Better.

auto-insuranceThat's what customers can expect from Warner Insurance Group. Everything we do acknowledges the needs of 

busy customers who are cost-conscious and increasingly savvy about auto insurance and good service.

We can provide quotes, update your policy, even answer "what if" questions if that's what you need. We find new ways to show you that we respect your time.

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